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Pickup & Delivery Serving KW and Surrounding areas.

All our produce is locally sourced when available from over 40 farmers in the region. Supporting local farmers!

**NOTE We will be closed Saturday Oct 24th - Tuesday 27th for vacation.

Orders must be in by 8pm the day before delivery day. 

KW $7 Delivery Free Over $75!

Outside KW $10 delivery fee

Locally Sourced Produce when available. Supporting 40 local farms in the area!

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We have loved your grocery service and will continue to use it as long as you are running it - the convenience, quality and price are second to none. Frankly, you make our life easier and we are so thankful for that.


Absolutely delightful grocery delivery. Have never had an issue, drivers are polite and helpful, arrive on time, and groceries are packed with care. The produce is fantastic and fresh, there are vegan/veggie/gluten free options which is always nice for people who need dietary accommodations, and there's plenty of common pantry and bakery staples to round things out.


I am not a technology person, and I cannot drive, have limited vision and lots of health issues. Your personal touches and contacts really mean a lot to me. I feel safe ordering goods from Chopped Leaf. Thank you for your kindness and caring. My family are so very grateful for your services that are meeting my needs. It takes a load of pressure off their shoulders. Thank you again for being there and meeting my grocery needs.

Mrs. Sill

About Us

Laura Oliveira

store owner

Who are we? We opened one of The Chopped Leaf's first locations in Ontario in 2016. We were dedicated to providing healthy fast food for the community. We employ 24 people in the region and love our staff!

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak business has diminished and effected our whole team and us as business owners. We are struggling to keep our heads  above water as all small businesses are right now. 

We developed a plan to provide amazing fresh produce to local residents at a fair price. We want to provide the region a safe way to stay healthy during this crisis. In turn this will help us stay in business and keep our doors open after life returns to normal.


Grocery Garden (Inside Chopped Leaf)

36 Northfield Dr E, Waterloo

11am - 7pm

11am - 3pm